All barrels lead to rum

A very original little Christmas box set including :

  • The book “All barrels lead to rum” by Sandrine Houdré-Grégoire
  • Small barrel with a pouring spout, transparent white, to put on your rum during New Year’s EveThis box set is available from 29.95€ on Amazon.

    The author :

    She started working in the bar in 1993 and it was the beginning of a passion that led her to magnificent places around the world to learn about her art : mixology or the art of mixing. Voted best mixologist in France in 2008, she specializes in well-being and blends based on vegetables, floral waters and superfoods. In 2010, she founded the consulting firm SHG virgin cucumber and became an author at Éditions Larousse. Sandrine works on the production of cocktail works with or without alcohol. In 2014, she was chosen by Mareva Galanter to create Good Organic Only healthy detox juices alongside her.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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