Three reasons to read “In rum’s resurgence” about rum in Wharf

The rum resurgence in Washington is in the hands of Todd Trasher and a movement of rum distillers. Here are three reasons to read the Washington Post article “In rum’s resurgence, a cocktail pro has a plan to make it the spirit of D.C.’s Wharf” featuring Todd Trasher and Potomac Distillery.

The Washington Post had good reason to talk about cocktail expert Todd Trasher and his Potomac Distilling Company. Just opened this Monday, the three-story building produces Thrasher’s Rum and houses a Tiki Bar. A couple of months ago, in October, The Washington Post explored in its extensive article the rum distillery scene in the United States, more precisely in Washington.

1. The Washington Post article bet on a valuable character from the Washington cocktail scene for the development of rum in the city of Wharf.

2. In addition to Thrasher’s Rum, you can take the opportunity to consider other U.S. rums, which by the way have been awarded in spirit competitions: Privateer Rum (Massachusetts), Maggie’s Farm Rum (Pittsburgh), Montanya Rum (Colorado) and D.C.’s District Distilling.

3. Last but not least, the article takes us through the history of rum in the United States, very interesting to take into account if we want to appreciate the true American rum.

Rum lovers, then don’t hesitate to read In rum’s resurgence, a cocktail pro has a plan to make it the spirit of D.C.’s Wharf, by The Washington Post.


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