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A Japanese brewery creates craft gin from recycled beer

Beer waste can serve many purposes and one of them is to create gin from recycled beer! Discover the Japanese brewery that started this project.

The Japanese Brewery Kiuchi created a handmade gin with recycled beer. They collect unsold beer from local bars and distill it into gin.

It’s an excellent idea in view of the current situation faced by breweries on covid-19. In France, the French Brewers’ Union, which represents 98% of the brewers’ sector, announced that 10 million litres of beer are on the verge of being wasted. The UK reported that 50 million pints in various pubs in the country are on the verge of going out of business.

A problem for the brewing industry and for many styles of beer. In general, pasteurized beer can last three to four months. While real ale and other unpasteurized beers last much less, that is, six to nine weeks.

And the reality is that at this time spirits have a real advantage over this problem. Like gin. That is why the Kiuchi Brewery recycles unsold beer from restaurants and bars to make gin. Then, the brewery distills the beer into gin, bottles it and sends it back to the restaurants. Participating establishments pay only for the cost of shipping. Any place can participate with a minimum of 20 liters of beer.

The brewery manages to distill 8 liters of gin for every 100 liters of beer. This is equivalent to about eight 750ml bottles.

Vice President Toshikuyi Kiuchi confirms the success of the initiative: “A customer asked us to process more than 20 tons of beer“. The company will make its Naka and Ishioka breweries available to meet the demand.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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