Top 5 Canadian spirits

While mass-produced whisky is still the king of the north of Canadian spirits, things are constantly changing.

With the repeal of prohibitive provincial laws making it easier for small producers to distil and sell alcoholic beverages.

Here are some Top Canadian spirits:


Eau Claire Parlour Gin

A dry gin with notes of musky rose, Saskatoon berries, orange and mint.


Empress 1908 Gin

This blue gin is distilled from GMO-free corn and infused with eight botanical substances, including juniper, grapefruit bark, ginger and butterfly pea flowers.


Single Malt Force

Cask Strength Single Malt is made from Canadian barley and aged in barrels of old bourbon. It is young, energetic and full of flavours such as cinnamon, oak and dried fruit.


Schramm Organic Vodka Potato

The award-winning vodka, in particular, contains more than 15 pounds of Pemberton potatoes in each bottle. It is silky, full of fresh earth and floral notes with a clean and fresh finish.


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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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