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Bleu Royal gin, an encounter with Francis Bhutto

We met Francis Bhutto, creator of Bleu Royal gin. A gin that changes color with a drop of water. Discover it here with us.

The world of gin is evolving rapidly. Nowadays it is so easy to produce. In addition to being able to add properties that allow you to make unique creations. One of them is that of Francis Bhutto and his companions Jonathan, master distiller and co-founder and Karl, chemist, director of operations and co-founder.

Canada’s Bleu Royal gin is created in Montreal by artisans. And that it is very good, both for its originality and because it is quite abstract at the beginning… A floral gin distinguished by its unique bluish color. Its aromatics include juniper, cardamom and coriander. He also mixes wild flowers such as lavender, iris and pea butterfly flower. The latter gives the gin its 100% natural blue color. Besides, this flower has antioxidant properties, making Bleu Royal the first gin with antioxidants.

We spoke with Francis Bhutto, co-founder and president of Bleu Royal about the beginning of this adventure.

Our company started in an apartment in Montreal. In fact, my colleague Jonathan and I started talking about a still made in the traditional way. Together we took a metal barrel which we finally modified to disassociate it and resell it in the hope of showing what we were doing with this device to our friends. Finally after a few years we decided to show it. We have another level, now building a real alembic and putting Bleu Royal on the market. The combination of maceration in their maceration baskets is done in our dissociation team.

francis bhutto and bleu royal gin bottle


Bleu Royal, the distillation

Its distillation process is carried out with pot still alembic. First, Bleu Royal macerate once in botanicals in the vat. Then, it is distilled with a second maceration, with the pea butterfly flower. In this process it obtains its blue colour and antioxidants.

An original gin thanks to its color conferred by the pea butterfly flower, widely used in cocktails for the same purpose of natural coloration. Just by adding lemon or tonic, you will notice the change of color to transform the gin into a fuchsia cocktail.


A recommendation for preparing cocktails with Bleu Royal

This gin combines very well in cocktails such as Martini or Negroni.


Negroni Recipe

45 ml of Bleu Royal gin

7.5 ml spritz

15 ml white vermouth


You can however taste this gin perfectly on ice or with tonic.

Bleu Royal is produced by the Blue Pearl Distillery. More information here.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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