london spirits competition winners 2021

London Spirits Competition 2021 Winners Announced

Now in its fourth edition, the London Spirits Competition rewards quality, value and packaging of spirits from around the world. Discover the 2021 winners here.

The London Spirits Competition 2021 organized by Beverage Trade Network judged spirits and brands from 86 different countries. Judges evaluate entries according to quality, value and packaging on a 100-point scale. Those receiving 90 points or more receive a gold medal. Participants receiving a score between 76 and 89 points receive the silver medal, while those with 65 to 75 points received bronze medals.

In the first phase, judges make a blind tasting of the spirits followed by an evaluation of the packaging. Judges are asked to base a portion of their final score on the usefulness of “the label, design and overall packaging of the spirit”. Also, entrants are judged on the value for money of their product, and whether it “offers the consumer true value for money.”


Spirit of the Year

This year’s Spirit of the Year award went to Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka, produced by Ramsbury Brewing and Distilling Co. Ltd. The same distillery also received the Best Spirit by Quality award and the Vodka of the Year award.

Ramsbury won for its “rich and subtle aspects…brewed with the finest Horatio winter wheat grown on the Ramsbury estate.” The wheat imparts “distinctive vanilla tones that round out a sweet and delicate bouquet.” On the palate, it offers “a creamy texture, tones of nuts, cocoa and layers of caramel followed by a richness of dark chocolate.”


The Winners

Best Spirit Value: Eau De Vie De Poire Williams.

Best Spirit Package: Muty Vetiver Gris, produced by De Kuyper Royal Distilleries. The Netherlands.

Distillery of the year: De Kuyper.

Rum of the year: Rum Nation, Rum Nation International, Italy.

Tequila of the year: IZO Tequila Extra Añejo Cristalino. Belzmart Group/IZO Mezcal.

Gin of the year: Botanic Australia’s Navy Strength Gin by Mt. Uncle Uncle Distillery.

Brandy of the year: St-Rémy Signature, by St-Rémy, part of Rémy Cointreau France.

Liqueur of the year: Muyu Vetiver Gris, De Kuyper Royal Distillers.

Cognac of the year: A. de Fussigny Grande Champagne VSOP by A de Fussigny.

Best United Spirit of the Year: Legent Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Top Japanese Spirit: Ensō Japanese Blended Whiskey.


To read the full list of winners the London Spirits Competition 2021, visit their website.


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