cricket-flavored beer

They create a cricket-flavored beer in Japan

A start-up in Tokyo creates a new cricket-flavored beer, thanks to the collaboration of a local brewery. Read all the news here.

The Cricket Dark Ale is a collaboration between the Japanese start-up Join Earth and the Tono Brewery.

This new cricket-flavored beer can be tasted from March 15th to 19th in an pop-up event at the Sibuya Parco store. According to Asian Review, they will serve 100ml glasses of Cricket Dark Ale at a price of 500 yen ($4.50).

The beer is brewed by roasting farm crickets, which are added to the beer wort along with the malt. The beer is said to have a slight umami taste and a bitterness similar to that of stout. This is coupled with aromas of coffee, cocoa, burnt caramel and chamomile.

The beer production team says that they have fed the crickets with remnants of the beer. According to the brewery, it gives the insects “a good bite and a good taste“.

Join Earth is a start-up established in November 2019 in Tokyo by chef and picker Yuta Shinohara, dedicated to making soy sauce made from crickets. The company plans to open an ant-focused restaurant called Antcicada in April. Among the dishes they plan to serve, a cricket ramen made from two types of crickets.

Tono Brewing is a brewery focused on producing beer from local products with a 50-year history of growing hops and water from the Japanese mountains.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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