Budweiser ranks as the world’s most valuable beer

The beer business is taking a better road for Budweiser. Today they are positioned as the most valuable brand in the world according to Brand Finance.

A value of $7.5 billion positions Budweiser, the brand of the Anheuser-Busch group, as the most valuable. Indeed, its value increased by 6% thanks to a campaign during the FIFA World Cup. The latter is known as AB Inbev’s most expensive. With it, they managed to reach 3.2 billion football fans around the world.

The Budweiser beer brand is strongly positioned against Bud Light who dropped 5%, to 7 billion, finishing second. For its part, Heineken ranks in the third position. Its brand value is 6.7 billion dollars, which has risen 11% since 2018.


Ab InBev dominating the rankings

The giant beer group is positioned in the ranking of beers with 11 brands out of 25.

The AB InBev portfolio stills dominate the rankings, however, with 11 brands claiming spots in the top 25, down from 13 last year“. Brand Finance reports.


These beer brands maintain higher value growth

Chinese beer brands such as Tsingtao and Snow recorded the highest value growth. That is to say, they increased 49% and 52% respectively. On the other hand, the Colombian brand Aguila, is positioned as the strongest brand of beer in the world.



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