Britain serves free-alcohol TAP beer for the first time in bars

Because staying healthy is always an option, drinking without alcohol in bars is more frequent. In the UK, bars start serving non-alcoholic TAP beer with Heineken “0.0”.

Britain serves free-alcohol TAP beer for the first time in bars

It’s a reality, spending a healthy night out without a hangover is becoming more and more possible and especially in Britain. Heineken has decided to distribute its 0.0 free-alcohol beer to 1500 pubs across the country. Typically in one night, bars like Wetherspoons sell Pepsi more than the main beers like lager, ale and stout.

But other brands of beer are also invading the “alcohol-free” public. Craft breweries such as Brewdog have a 0.0% beer, Nanny State, which also has 26 calories per bottle. In fact, City Pub Group, a chain with 44 pubs in the country, joins the trend by offering a variety of alcohol-free craft beers.

Heineken’s first blonde beer with 0.0 % alcohol (<0.03% vol.) has only 69 calories, another feature that attracts more frequent beer drinkers. The global master brewer of Heineken Willem van Waesberghe, said its development took two years to perfect.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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