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Brittany hosts the beer fair : a meeting between brewers

On October 6th, the organization of the beer fair in Beuzec-Cap-Sizun in Brittany is planned. This event is the first of its kind and is held at Studio du Millier. It’s intended for microbreweries and of course for beer lovers. The ambition is to draw light on the development of the Breton beer sector.

In total, seven microbreweries are invited to this show, including that of Saint-Brieuc which was awarded the gold medal microbreweries of Britain. An attractive program is offered to participants who will have the opportunity to interact with brewers and can also enjoy different beers.

In addition to drinks, a menu of local dishes is in the spotlight. The opening of the show is scheduled for 11am with evening concerts during which people can attend performances of Breton artists such as Talskan and El Maout. Tickets for the show are at € 6 and between € 10 and € 12 to attend the show and concerts.

The event is also promoted by 3 associations including Kuzul Diwan Pont-Croix, and Pen Ar Dub.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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