Podcasts to better discover beer: the Pod’capsulator, an innovative project

The Pod’capsulator is a project that aims to make discover beer through podcasts. Fans have the opportunity to learn more about the brands of available drinks on the market as well as their brewing process. Created in Lille, the Pod’capsulator is positioned as an educational and cultural program.

The content of the podcasts will deal with the brewers’ experiences, their history and the facts that made them enter the world of beer. To make the project more original, the podcasts animators will visit the sites of the different brewers. They can learn more about the brewing process, the various used ingredients and the details that make a particular brand successful.

The animators also taste the beer on site and then give their view point about the tastes. Produced by the Brewery Celestin, Amaury d’Herbigny is the first beer to appear in the contents of Pod’capsulator. On different platforms such as Google Podcasts, Stitcher, iTunes, TuneIn … podcasts are downloadable



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