Exceptional grape harvest in Champagne this 2018

It seems that global warming is benefitting Champagne and wine production in the region. This year’s humid winter and hot summer are a proof of it.

Such was the wonder of the climatic conditions that in Champagne Beaufort Reol in Ambonnay (Marne), the harvest season was15 days ahead of the average time during the month of August, and ripe grapes were already be found on the ground. Not even the experienced hail storms affected the good state of the vineyards.

“The harvest scheduled for August 25 was the first since 1893 in the region.” Explains Cyril Bonne-Ponson, winemaker.

Winemakers say they had never seen such a good harvest. “If I had waited another eight days, I run out of crops,” says Jacques Beaufort. “I did not have a rotten grape this year,” adds Maxime Toubart, both vineyard workers.

The Interprofessional Committee of Champagne wine has confirmed the benefits brought by 2018 with a magnificent grape harvest. A year on which exceptional white wines are expected.


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