spirits hunters help a bartender initiative

#HelpABartender: contact your bartenders for an online lesson and tip them!

Most bartenders around the world are currently out of work due to Covid-19. Bars, cafes, and some restaurants are closed or have limited working hours. So, how can you help them?


1. Get in touch with a bartender,

2. Propose them to have a Cocktail Lesson online,

3. tip them for their work!


You can use resources as ZOOM or Google Meet or even crete an Instagram Live meeting, or use any other video conference platform to organize your cocktail lesson with a bartender.

This initiative is to support our bartenders who are always there for us and who always support us with a smile, a kind word, and obviously a cocktail that makes us happy! We think it’s important to find new ways of learning, and now that many of us are also deprived of tasting a good cocktail outside, what a better way than get into The Art of Tasting from home with an experienced bartender. So get in touch with a bartender and organize an At Home Lesson of Bartending and Mixology!

Share this news with your bartender, friends or people interested in this so they can get in touch! And use the following hashtags on social networks to spread the word! #helpabartender and #tipabartender


Get in touch with us, contact us if you managed to organize a cocktail lesson with a bartender and talk to us about your experience.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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