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Let’s listen to our bartenders all around the world!

Due to Covid-19, for good reasons, the bars are closed but the bartenders are seriously affected financially. Tell us what is happening to you and how you are experiencing it so that the whole world can hear you.

At Spirits Hunters we want to hear from you. We want to broadcast you.

We’re calling on all bartenders and bar owners. Take a picture of you and your team in front of your closed bar or café, or take a picture of you at home during your time off work. How do you keep yourself busy? What’s going on? Tell us all about it!

Send us your picture and what’s happening to you by contacting Spirits Hunters via twitter @spiritshunters and Instagram @spiritshunters_mag . You can relay this information with the hashtag #listentoourbartenders

As soon as the reopening takes place, come and support with a drink.


Some countries are providing aids for companies hit by an administrative closure or opening restriction, mainly bars and restaurants Please refer to your local institutions to find out more.


Don’t drink and drive. Drink in moderation.


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