Champagne : more than half of the production is exported

The Champagne industry is doing well. Also, the French-made prestigious drink is gaining popularity internationally. Last year, 307 313 583 bottles of Champagne were sold. Among them, 153 472 037 were exported all around the globe.

Vranken-Pommery, the second largest Champagne producer, is experiencing this phenomenon. The brand recently announced that their international sales had overtaken their domestic sales, exportations representing 51,2% of their sales.

The three main importing countries are: the UK, with 27 762 045 bottles, the USA with 23 096 645 bottles, and Japan with 12 873 465 bottles. Germany and Belgium are right behind, with respectively 12 285 167 and 9 074 781 bottles imported in 2017.

LVMH is still the 1st actor of the sector, Moët & Chandon being the best-selling Champagne brand all over the world and with record-breaking sales last year. Veuve Cliquot and Ruinart are also among the most popular both within and beyond French borders.

This year’s grape harvest is expected to be excellent, which presages that the sales numbers will keep increasing.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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