Another beer brewed with bread at the Hopscotch in Toulouse

Everyone knows how important bread is for the French culture but this time, their pleasure for bread has gone even further. A bar in Toulouse, the Hopscotch, brews homemade beer with the unsold bread from a local bakery, the Marc Laffargue.

Both establishments are working together since last summer to make this eco and social project happen. Every day, after the sun comes down, the remaining bread from the bakery is sent to the Hopscotch to prepare its local beer where, according to the manger Roderick Gaston, his alcoholic beverages maintain an original salty grilled taste that evens with any type of beer. Until now, 400 litters of blond beer has been brewed throughout this process.

Their ambition for eco and organic beer making does not stop there. Gaston assures that later this year they will start brewing dark beer and seasonal drinks.

In addition to this original idea, the grain waste generated from the brewing process is then recycled and given to local farmers for livestock purposes.

I’m really happy that we have this little eco-responsible project to fight against food waste” Says Roderick Gaston.


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