Is sake going to be the new craft beer in Colorado?

Colorado is a state famous for its craft beer scene. However, sake is slowly making its way to the heart of Americans.

The traditional Japanese rice wine is gaining more and more popularity in the USA, and especially in this state, since tasting rooms are now allowed to offer locally brewed sake.

This Asian spirit is actually brewed like beer, which helps it settle in the Centennial State as the production process is pretty familiar. William Stuart is the owner of the Colorado Sake Company, which produces US-made sake. He is proud to open the first sake tasting room of the state.

Stuart recently stated that his goal was to make sake more approachable. Today, there are only 15 American sake breweries in the USA, as well as eight sake tasting rooms. However, the brewer is certain that this is only the beginning and that the sake’s popularity will keep increasing over the upcoming years.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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