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The Queen and Buckingham Palace have launched a gin and it’s already sold out!

A fan of Dubonnet & Gin, Queen Elizabeth II of England and Buckingham Palace now have their own gin.

It sold out in a matter of days. The Queen of England now has a gin called Buckingham Palace Gin. Marketed by the Royal Collection Trust, the fund looks after the wealth of the British royal family.

Now that Buckingham Palace is reopening its doors today, July 23rd, visitors can buy a bottle of Bucking Palace Gin. However, the gin previously released for sale online on Tuesday 14th, sold out within hours. It will be necessary to book tickets online to secure a place on the Palace tour.

The bottle costs around $50 and the proceeds from its sale will go to the conservation of the Queen’s art collection. The fund saw its income affected by the lack of tourism due to the covid-19 pandemic.

The royal gin has been infused with 12 botanicals and flavored with citrus. Some of these herbs are grown in the gardens of Buckingham Palace. Among them are lemon verbena, hawthorne berries, laurel and blackberry leaves.


How to drink Buckingham Palace Gin

Buckingham Palace certainly knows gin very well. This drink is very popular in the United Kingdom and seduces summer cocktails.

According to its creators, this gin is ideally tasted like this:

Rocks glass,

1 oz of gin,

a couple of ice cubes,

Tonic water,

slice of lemon.

It should be noted that the Queen’s love for the Dubonnet & Gin cocktail led to the creation of a specific flavour profile for Buckingham Palace Gin.

A 700ml bottle of Buckingham Palace Gin is worth £40 (about 44 euros). It can be found online and directly at Buckingham Palace. Although it is sold out, the Palace announced that they will be producing bottles these days.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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