World Cucumber Day is today: here’s what you should know

World Cucumber Day, established in England by cucumber growers to celebrate the virtues of the vegetable, is celebrated every 14th June since 2011.

Bars around the world join the event and prepare cucumber-based cocktails to refresh spirit lovers, particularly gin lovers. For example, Hendricks Gin joins the event from the beginning, and as we well know its gin is distilled with rose and cucumber infusion. In Singapore, for example, 23 bars join World Cucumber Day in partnership with Hendricks Gin. The lucky ones will be able to taste cocktails, including Hendricks Gin and Tonic, with the simple exchange of a cucumber.

Furthermore, on the eve, Hendrick’s worked with retailers at major airports around the world, including Auckland, Melbourne, Barcelona, Dubai, Madrid and London. At Amsterdam, Melbourne and Sydney airports you will find very curious-city-specific souvenirs, such as the “Cucumber Dam” and the “Tubular Cucumber”.

Cucumber has been a very present element in English culture, and as evidenced by the world of spirits. It is a day to motivate the cultivation of this vegetable and take advantage of its virtues, and the benefits it brings to our health.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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