Polish vodka prepares ground on the Chinese market

The European Union and China concluded an agreement on Geographical Indications on March 1. This opens up an opportunity in China for Polish vodka.

Polish vodka producers are eager to import their premium products following the Geographical Indication (GI) agreement between the European Union and China. Very promising, it is an opportunity to explore the Chinese market. The agreement protects 100 European geographical indications in China and 100 Chinese GIs in Europe. Indeed, vodka is one of the European GIs in the agreement.

To call vodka as such -polish vodka-, the spirit needs to be produced with five specific grains. Also, produced with potatoes that contain no additives other than water. Besides, in the case of flavored vodka, contain natural flavoring agents and a limited amount of sugar.

In 2020 Poland exported in pure vodka 521 million Polish zloty (PLN, $138.4 million). Of this, PLN 1.6 million in value was shipped to China according to Statistics Poland data. Poland hopes that the EU-China agreement will help reverse the downward trend in Polish vodka exports. The Chinese market is very large and represents a good opportunity for Polish vodka producers, Andrzej Szumowski, president of the Polish Vodka Association, told Xinhua newspaper.

We believe that the potential of Polish vodka as a protected geographical indication will be perceived by consumers in China. They will be able to enjoy its unique taste, backed by centuries of tradition.” Added Lukasz Karmowski, president of the Polish Distilleries Association which represents local agricultural vodka producers.

One of the main benefits of the agreement is that individual producers will no longer have to apply for a geographical indication in China.


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