France. The new beer crafted with hard bread to reduce waste and support sustainability

In the French region of Charente-Maritime, an innovation laboratory focused on circular economics – Cyclad – (which supports sustainability) developed the idea of crafting beer with hard bread waste, a project carried out with the brewer Arnaud Clavurier. (Via FranceBleue).

La Rieuse is the beer produced by Arnaud Clavurier, in collaboration with baker Christian Pied, who sells the remains of hard bread or unsold bread from the Palais des Gourmandises bakery to brew the beer. The alliance arose from Cyclad’s proposal to Pied, to find a sustainable solution for the remaining baguettes at the end of the day, instead of disposing of them.

The handcraft beer La Rieuse is brewed, for 800 liters, with 25 kilos of dry toasted bread (about 150 baguettes). Its taste is caramelized and with notes that evoke the toasted bread within. It has a fruity aroma of blackcurrants, blackberries and lemon.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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