Heineken strengthens its environmental commitment: each of its bottles is “green”

The Dutch brewer reinforces its commitment to the environment by producing its beer with wind, solar and biogas energy since July.

In addition to producing its beers using greener methods, Heineken also plans to use more eco-friendly packaging formats. In addition to these initiatives, Heineken also intends to use cleaner means of transportation.

To produce its beers, Heineken installed wind turbines and solar panels at its breweries in Zoeterwoude and Den Bosh. Furthermore, the company produces the energy itself with biogas from the wastewater and waste of the brewery.


Heineken International B.V. sold its shares in the SABC

The Dutch group sold its 501,977 shares to the majority shareholder of the Société Anonyme des Biergeries de Cameroun (SABC). Heineken held 8.7% of the capital and sold its shares on March 3, 2020.


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