Customization of bottles of gin or beer: O I make it possible

O I has just launched O I: EXPRESSIONS, a technological innovation based on digital printing that will allow brands to present their customers highly personalized bottles that will be each for it part as a multidimensional work of art. They can be used for short campaigns, such as seasonal promotions or limited / special editions. With flexible and affordable volume, custom bottles of O I: EXPRESSIONS will be for brands an opportunity to stand out from traditional decorating solutions with an unprecedented range of colour and design possibilities.

O-I: EXPRESSIONS RELIEF, a premium version of the service, will also offer brands the ability to use tactile digitally printed custom touch effects, such as embossing and coloured embossing.

OI: EXPRESSIONS should be commercially available by mid-2019 in Europe and shortly thereafter in the United States. Nevertheless, O-I is already available to initiate projects and discuss collaborations.


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