Spice up your gin cocktails with these three new mixes created by QUAI SUD

You don’t know which spices to add to your gin to obtain a colourful mixture with a fruity scent? No need to break your head, the QUAI SUD brand, specialized in the manufacture of delicatessen, has solved this little problem for you. What could be better than a preparation containing all the spices your taste buds need?

QUAI SUD offers three recipes to help you vary the pleasures of gin. The first “Classic Gin” contains classic spices such as lemon or orange zest. The second “Strawberry Gin” for sweeter palates contains strawberry and cinnamon. The last “Pink Gin” contains hibiscus flower which softens the strength of the gin.

The principle of use of these preparations is rather simple, it is enough for you simply to add the alcohol indicated inside the bottle and to let it macerate between 24 and 48 hours. After which, shake the preparation, filter it and you only have to taste your cocktail.

To obtain the gin mixes by Quai Sud:


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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