England. Rendle’s Original Gin, the original recipe for pink gin

Rendle’s Original Gin is the pink gin made from the original recipe of this particular gin, which dates from the Second World War. A recipe passed down from family to family created by Captain Frank Edgcumbe-Rendle. Via Frontier Magazine.

Gin of English origin brings to the travel market, for sales in airport shops and large train stations, the original pink gin. The gin recipe was created by Captain Frank Edgcumbe-Rendle during World War II in India to create an alcohol for soldiers. He gave it the pink color thanks to the hibiscus flower. Gin was then known as Rendle’s pink gin, or Rendle’s pink gin.

The Rendle family’s legacy is present in this gin whose recipe was taken up by Captain Rendle’s son, Christopher, for today’s gin connoisseurs. It is advisable to taste with tonic and lemon.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.