“Boire en Gaule” the new book by the archaeologist Fanette Laubenheimer on the culture of spirits of the Gauls

You probably know that the Gauls already appreciated refined drinks such as wine, mead or beer. Beverages that they imported and exported using barrels and amphoras. But do you really know how the sale of these alcoholic drinks developed in Gaul? Do you know the consumption habits of the Gauls? What they drank, how, at what time of year or why?

No need to bother, archaeologist Fanette Laubenheimer answers all these questions in her latest book “Boire en Gaule”. This former head of the team “Archeology of Gaul, economic and social structures”, best known for being the research director at the CNRS, relies on archaeological remains (such as ancient texts) but especially on new analyses to find the drinks contained in the vases of the time. This book is now available in bookshops, but also on sites such as Amazon or Fnac.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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