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Valentine’s Day gifts: edible cocktail gummies

The special day arrives for a special gift. Tasting gummy cocktails can be an ideal Valentine’s Day gift. Discover this invention here.

Smith & Sinclair brings a perfect grocery item for cocktail lovers. “Eat Your Drink” gummies are part of their wide variety of candies. Specializing in this type of edibles, S&S is on a mission to make adulthood more fun.

This new way of savoring cocktails is very peculiar, as the flavor of each gummy belongs to a specific cocktail. For example, Pineapple Bellini with pineapple sugar; Elderflower Gin Spritz with thyme sugar; Mandarin Aperol Spritz with orange sugar and Passion Fruit Mojito with passion fruit sugar. The alcohols range from gin to rum.

The gummies are prepared as a traditional cocktail with high quality spirits, bitters, and real fruits, the only thing is that you eat it in two bites! Each box is prepared for a special occasion, so you can adapt your cocktail to every moment. Whether it’s for after dinner, a party or a celebration.

And an interesting fact, they are vegan! Definitely an edible conceived for everyone. A gift that will bring a smile to your soul mate’s face. EAT YOUR DRINK exists all over Europe. Click here to buy in the shop:

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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