L’aventure de la mixologie, the best cocktail book in the world

Through his book, which has become a francophone reference in mixology, Patrice Plante gives us 128 cocktail recipes, tips and technical definitions.

Plante, a mixologist chef from Quebec, confides the secrets of cocktails through the first cocktail bar in Quebec City.

The 2017 Gourmands Awards recognized L’aventure de la mixologie as the best cocktails book in the world. The book exhales the renaissance of cocktail parties in Quebec City. Besides, it brings, according to Mr. Cocktail, “an expert look behind the scenes of a cocktail bar decor“.

François Chartier is internationally considered as one of the leading researchers in the creation of recipes and wine and food pairing wrote the preface of L’aventure de la Mixologie.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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