Martini Vodka cocktail gift set “Goldfinger”

Bond, James Bond. Every fanatic of the mythical character (and even the non-fanatical ones) knows very well how James Bond wants his Martini Vodka: shaken, not stirred.

Offer this cocktail set, luxurious and of excellent quality. The Japanese brand Yukiwa is in charge of the Gold-Plated jiggler and Cobbler Shaker. The champagne Coupe are courtesy of the Toyo Sasaki brand and have a capacity of 4.4 oz., and are elegantly decorated with a golden rim. A swizzle stick comprised of a gold coin from Queen Elizabeth. And so you can add your classy olives, with two Watakoma Circle Cocktail Pins.

And the packaging is not the least of it. The gift set is presented in a very minimal white box with a decorative tape. The entire kit is made in Japan.

To obtain it you can go to the Umami Mart website. They are renowned for their quality Japanese materials.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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