Tasting sake in Usuhari Glass glasses


The rectilinear shape of Usuhari Glass glasses allows tasting premium sake thanks to its quality and exceptional feature.

This Usuhari Glass sake tasting set produced by Shotoku Glass contains two tasting glasses.



-Cups: height 8cm – diameter 4.6cm – volume: 8.5cl. The capacity of each glass is 28 cl.

*Be careful to serve only fresh sake, do not heat the container.


About Shotoku Glass

Established as a bulb manufacturer in 1922, Shotoku Glass was originally recognized for its niche technique in mouth-blown glass. When the bulb industry became automated, Shotoku Glass moved into glassware manufacturing, concentrating on the production of mouth-blown glasses of several thousand types. Shotoku Glass is best known in Japan for its “Edo glass,” a small beer glass admired for its manageability and delicate strength, which has earned a high reputation among top restaurants and the hospitality industry. With a long and rich experience in blown glasses, Shotoku Glass has succeeded in creating an ideal series of very fine glassware.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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