This kit lets you brew your own cider at home

If you are a cider lover or simply curious about new experiences, then this kit allows you to brew your own cider at home, with a high chance that you will like it.

Indeed, the latter contains all the equipment necessary for the production of a personalised cider, all of which can be made in less than a week, using the principle of rapid infusion of the fruits present in the batch in dehydrated form.

The use of this kit is very simple, all the ingredients being pre-measured and the preparation steps being written down, you just have to follow the instructions to be able to brew and make your own cider at home. Once the ingredients have been brewed, all that remains is to let the mixture rest in the barrel for a week before you can enjoy your homemade cider.

The designer of this kit is the Brewbarrel brand, mainly specialized in the creation of beer brewing kits.

Three flavours are currently available: Pear, apple and peach. And if you are already thinking about your Christmas gifts, here is a very original one!



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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