This tea with aromas of single malt whisky will smoothly finish your dinner

Le Sociable offers an alternative to the digestive with this tea, a mix of toasted mate, Lapsang Souchong and single malt whisky tastes that brings a smoky and malted taste.

An alternative way to switch from the classic alcohol digestive is exactly what Herbal Drinkers Club intend to do with Le Sociable. It is the perfect drink to end a dinner. Not just because it is alcohol-free, but because of the benefits that the buckwheat and the Lapsang Souchong has to offer. It is known for stimulating the growth and activity of the good bacteria in our gut, thus pleasantly smoothing our digestion process.

In other words, Le Sociable is a tisane, one of the varieties that Herbal Drinkers Club has to offer. It is presented in a minimalist packaging on black and white, with 20 teabags (around 40g). An inscription, cheerfully invites the consumer “Care for one last drink?”

Le Sociable should be prepared by dumping the teabag during 5 minutes in hot water at 85°C. Please bear in mind if you are allergic to buckwheat, since it contains buckwheat seeds, an allergen.

The drink is a mix of black mate, buckwheat seeds, berry leaves, “Lapsang” tea, cardamom grains, red vine leaves and cedar (natural aroma).

You can obtain this delicious digestive here,


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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