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11 things you didn’t know about champagne

Champagne is often used to celebrate an occasion, at Christmas or New Year’s Eve, it will surely be present in your glasses. Here are some things to know about the famous bubble drink.

– It was invented in Champagne (hence its name)
– The Champagne region has existed for centuries
– Kings began to use Champagne to celebrate their coronation
– The Champagne region, including picturesque towns such as Epernay and Reims, is quite small.
– However, the production of champagne is enormous.
– Under hectares of vines, there are thousands of underground cellars and caves storing millions of bottles of ageing sparkling wine.
– The caves of Reims come from clay quarries carved in the Middle Ages.
– About 15,000 sparkling wine producers are packaged in the region.
– Some are called producers means that they are small businesses, often family businesses.
– Others are called “champagne houses“, which produce the majority of the Champagne distributed worldwide.
– The largest champagne house is the Moët & Chandon brand.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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