George Koutsakis gives us tips for your partner to appreciate whisky

George Koutsakis is an expert in whisky, and nobody better than him to get tips for your partner to appreciate whisky.

Let’s face it, not everyone likes whisky. Or not only that, but they’re not as interested as you are, right? This passion for appreciating whisky of all ages, buying valuable and expensive bottles you’ll never open and making your whisky cocktails can be that something you want to share with your partner.

These tips from George Koutsakis will help you convince your partner to delve deeper into whisky culture and share this passion.

  1. Start with a lighter, friendlier whisky, but above all with a cocktail such as Whisky Sour, Manhattan or Old Fashioned. Then step forward and offer a glass of blended whisky with water and ice. Other whiskies like sherry cask matured, bourbon or peat whiskey. This will help you discover her/his palate to know what to do in the next step.
  2. Combining food with whiskey is another great way. Food pairing offers a variety of combinations to enjoy whisky differently. Some ideas are desserts, cheeses or meat.
  3. Turn whisky tasting into something special. That is, you can devote one day of the week to whisky tasting together. Or, create a whisky-based cocktail of the week. Making this a custom will conquer your partner a little more.
  4. Tell a story. For some whisky tasters, the stories of the brands have turned them into fans of them. Tell the story of a favorite distillery. Or even your own story about how you got into the world of whiskey.
  5. With water, ice or soda? Come on, let’s not focus on tasting a glass of neat whiskey, especially if the person isn’t very fond of this drink. We know that there are types of whisky for every occasion, and combining with water, ice or soda is an excellent way to make the tasting more friendly.

Learn more about George Koutsakis (@whiskyislander) and his whisky tasting tips here.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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