These bars serve the best bar food in Iowa

Because not everything is always haute cuisine, bar food is attractive to many tasters and these Iowa bars have a high standard for their dishes, so much so that they serve the best bar food in the state.

Thrillist has dedicated a section of its site to mention the best bar food, among which corn nuggets are named as the best unofficial snack in the State of Iowa.

Senor Ramon Taqueria serves these delicious snacks:

Other restaurant bars such as Sonny’s BBQ prepare corn nuggets.

This delight is typical of Iowa. In fact, because of vast cornfields, nuggets appear on many menus in restaurants throughout the state. Thrillist explains: “They’re fritters full of corn grains. The dough can be flour, corn flour or a combination of these. Corn can be fresh, canned, or creamy. One thing’s for sure, these are potential lip burners. Drink your beer and be patient.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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