Two ways of drinking soju, Korea’s most popular drink

You buy some bottles of soju with your friends but you don’t know exactly how to drink it? Here are three ways to drink soju, Korea’s most popular drink.



  1. For the best flavor, you’ll have to serve it cold and dry. If you’re going to drink at home, cool the bottle for a few hours in the refrigerator. Once cold, serve it in shot glasses, and above all, do not add ice under any circumstances!
  2. Hold the bottle close to the base with one hand, and shake it tightly in circular movements. In this way you will create a whirlpool effect in the soju, you must see it after 2 or 3 seconds of agitation. Some shake the bottle instead of shaking it.
  3. Hit the bottom of the bottle before opening the bottle. After a few firm taps, open the cap or plate of the bottle.
  4. Separate the middle and index fingers and click on the neck of the bottle. Grasp the bottom of the bottle with one hand to hold it steady, and use the webbed area between the middle finger and the index finger of your other hand to hit the neck of the bottle hard. This should be done with enough force to make some of the soju splash out of the bottle.


  1. To serve and drink shots of soju, you would receive the soju in a shot glass with both hands of the eldest and you would have to turn around and not be face to face when you drink.
  2. After everyone has received the squirt, another member of the group will use both hands to serve a drink to the server. This is a symbol of respect.
  3. Use both hands to hold the bottle and serve, it’s another way to show respect.
    To serve your shot, you must have served everyone at the table, posed the bottle, and another person will serve your shot of soju.
  4. Hold the glass with both hands when you’re served. Raise your shot to the air and keep it in front of the server.
    Turn your face when you drink and avoid eye contact to avoid showing your teeth – a symbol of disrespect in Korea. This first round of shots should be taken in one sitting, not little by little.
  5. Offer to serve more to those who have finished. Traditionally there should be no empty glasses and no one should be left drinking alone.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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