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Check out the special cocktails at these Pensacola restaurants

Signature cocktails are an important part of a bar. These restaurants shared their signature cocktail recipes, which set them apart. Meet them here.


Bloody Mary at The Five Sisters

This Bloody Mary is in line with the trend of Bloody Marys enhanced with different ingredients. At The Five Sisters they serve it with fried chicken, a specialty of the restaurant. The drink is definitely a favorite of frequent visitors and reigns supreme at the tables every day at brunch.

The recipe for this Bloody Mary: vodka, Five Sisters hot sauce, Worchestershire sauce, lemon juice and Bloody Mary citrus blend. After shaking it and mixing it well, decorate it with ground pepper, pickled okra, two olives, lemon. And of course, the house fried chicken, which has been rewarded. You can try this cocktail for as little as $6 at The Five Sisters.


The Smoked Old Fashioned at Restaurant Iron

A cocktail that causes a sensation in all the visitors of the Restaurant Iron. This smoked cocktail is a traditional version of the Old Fashioned cocktail with Four Roses yellow label bourbon, a combination of Angostura bitters with orange bitters and simple demerara sugar syrup made at home. But the smoky part is the special touch of this cocktail at Restaurant Iron.

Restaurant Iron’s head bartender, Brett Briggs, explained to Pensacola News Journal, “What we do differently in this drink to make it smokey is smoke the glass. We light wood chips and invert the glass over them to capture the smoke. Which will leave a nice, smoky scent or aroma in the glass.”

While the glass is smoked, the ingredients are added over a large ice cube. And then, you add the garnish. A beautiful piece of smoked bacon to the apple wood.

This cocktail can be tasted for $9 but during Happy Hour, for the price of $5.


The Blackberry Margarita from South Market

A delicious Margarita for every tequila lover. And the place is famous, since every weekend, the renowned chef Emeril Lagasse comes to eat brunch.

The cocktail uses French blackberry crème de mure, very rich in blackberries and flavor.

A delicious Margarita that you can usually get for the price of $8. But you can try it during Happy Hour at $6, every day from 4:00pm to 6:00pm.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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