Two ways to see a Daiquiri cocktail according to David Wondrich

In his article Plato & Aristotle Walk Into a Bar, Wondrich gives us two points of view on the Daiquiri cocktail.

One of the ways to see the Daiquiri is like a Rum Sour. “A variation of a standard, even elementary, pattern of mixed drinking. Says David Wondrich. Another way, is simply a Daiquiri is a Daiquiri. Nothing more.

However Wondrich gives a philosophical twist to the points of view. Among them, the Platonic approach. A vision that focuses on the divine, pre-existing forms, and understanding things in the world as imperfect reflections of them. Wondrich emphasizes that he is “a beverage writer, not a philosopher. It is however important for him to make this paradox.

He explains that if you frequent modern craft cocktail bars, which have 11 varieties of tequila and two flavored vodkas, plus names of drinks from a play, and bartenders who know all the cocktails in the book… then you’re probably Aristotle. An approach where bartending can take more preparation and training. This method however, rewards with drinks that are different. In addition, they retain their nuances and limits that are otherwise polished.

David Wondrich is the lead columnist for The Daily Beast Senior Drinks and winner of the James Beard Award, author of Imbibe! and Punch.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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