summer cocktails - van gogh st germain by fabio camboni

Summer Cocktails 2022: VAN GOGH ST-GERMAIN by Fabio Camboni

Summer is coming, and for the upcoming season we bring you summer cocktails by bartenders from all over the world. This is the Van Gogh St-Germain by Fabio Camboni.

We bring you a new cocktail series, this time for our summer season. The summer cocktails are already arriving on bar menus and we are delighted to share cocktails from bartenders from all over the world.

A cocktail appreciated by the great aperitif crowd…in color. The Van Gogh ST-GERMAIN is our aperitif cocktail that has always competed with great icons…A beautiful painting to drink and enjoy, cheerful and fragrant, that tickles our palate with its nice bubbles.


Summer Cocktails: The VAN GOGH ST-GERMAIN Cocktail by Fabio Camboni


30 ml St Germain

15 ml peach liqueur

120 ml Franciacorta Brut

3 /4 Edible flowers

3 drops violet Liqueur

Garnish: Edible flowers.

Type of glass: wine glass


Pour St Germain and Peach Liqueur into ice-filled glass. Top with Franciacorta and gently stir. Finally sprinkle the violet essence over the cocktail. Serve in a Wine Glass.


About Fabio Camboni

Fabio Camboni is a bar manager and consultant in the hospitality and bar industry with more than 30 years of experience.

He inherited the gift of hospitality and welcoming from his grandfather who, having emigrated to Venezuela, where he opened his business, was always looking for the best to offer his clients. Here, too, his stories influenced him greatly, making him the gentleman of hospitality that he is today.

For him, the cocktail is research, creativity, rebellion. Breaking the schemes is his motto…

Learn More about Fabio Camboni on his official website.

Instagram @Fabio_camboni_bartender

Instagram @Kasaincanto

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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