Three vodka-based recipes you should know

Looking for delicious cocktail recipes? These original cocktails were conceived by Belvedere during the summer. You can still enjoy them all year round!


Spritz based on Belvedere


50 ml Belvedere vodka

20 ml of white Vermouth

6 redcurrants

2 pinches lemon thyme


Tonic water


In the cocktail shaker, crush half the currants and thyme. Add vodka and vermouth. Shake and filter the mixture twice in a glass with ice. Finish by adding tonic water to the glass. To finish, decorate with the remaining currants, thyme and rhubarb.


Belvedere Purple Rye


50 ml Belvedere vodka infused with sage

6 purple basil leaves

4 blackberries

1 egg white

10 ml balsamic vinegar


Start by adding the balsamic vinegar in a shaker, and then add the purple basil and half of the blackberries and mash them. Add the vodka and egg white. Shake and filter twice in a glass full of ice. Decorate the egg foam with a basil leaf and the rest of the blackberries.


Belvedere Polish Delight


50 ml Belvedere vodka

2 cl of Pineau des Charentes

1 redcurrant boot

Ginger Soda

Courgette flower


2 lemongrass leaves


Mix in a shaker the Pineau des Charentes, the lemongrass and the redcurrant boot. Add Belvedere vodka. Shake and filter twice in a long drink glass full of ice. Add the soda to the ginger. Decorate with zucchini leaf, currants and lemongrass. Sprinkle with honey.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.