Weekend Cocktail: Caipirinha with strawberry and rhubarb shrub

Looking for a recipe for the weekend?  This caipirinha cocktail is easy to prepare and highlights the shrub.

The shrub is a tart acid and sweet juice whose origins come from the Middle East.

But its relationship with autumn is that precisely the fruits contained in the shrub are preserved during this time in a marinade with sugar, vinegar and water. The tradition goes on. At Christmas, the fruits of the preparation are eaten and the rest of the macerated liquid is called shrub.

Besides, an infallible mixture is strawberry and rhubarb and therefore we propose this cocktail based on shrub of strawberry and rhubarb.


Caipirinha and Strawberry rhubarb cocktail

Cocktail originally created by Jean-Sébastien Michel from Alambika.


45 ml of cachaza

7.5 ml simple syrup

15 ml of strawberry rhubarb shrub Hudson Standard brand

2 strips of bitter Ms Better Bitters Strawberry Mah Kwan

1/2 crushed lime


Slice of lime or edible seasonal flowers

Type of glass

Long drink


Add one large ice in the glass, or several medium sized ones. In the shaker, add the liquid ingredients and ice. Mix vigorously. Decorate with a slice of lemon or flowers.


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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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