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Where to enjoy Asian-inspired cocktails in Manchester?

Photo: OKitchen

In OKitchen, in the Great Manchester area, Asian cocktails await you to be paired by excellent cuisine. Find out more here.

An Asian twist awaits your cocktails in OKitchen. The family-run Korean restaurant is run by 61-year-old chef Fushan Tian, who has been cooking for over 30 years and is joined by her son Xin Jin.

The restaurant serves Korean and Japanese food and cocktails inspired by the Asian continent.

OKitchen offers an extensive menu of cocktails to enjoy. Because for a good gastronomic menu, a good cocktail is essential to create the best food pairing!

In the cocktail bar of OKitchen you will find classic cocktails with original twists. These cocktails, mainly classic British drinks, contain sake and soju, typical Japanese and South Korean spirits. The cocktails then take on a unique character and an alternative taste.

Within the menu we find the signature cocktails such as the Japanese Apple Pie, the Sake East Side, the Ginseng Sours and the Kesi Ni Giri. But also classic cocktails with an Asian touch, such as Sake on the Beach, Yuzu Daiquiri, Singapore Sling and Orients Iced Tea.

And for beer lovers, OKitchen suggests the Sake Bomb, a traditional Japanese beer-based cocktail with a shot of sake on two chopsticks on top of the glass. But beware! There is a special method for drinking this. The tradition consists in hitting the table surface and if you are lucky, the shot will fall into the beer glass.

Finally, for lovers of Korean wines, spirits and beers, OKitchen offers a good selection on its menu.

If you are in Manchester, and as soon as the reopening is possible, you can enjoy cocktails from Sunday to Thursday at two for 10 pounds.



Where? Didsbury Village, 43 Barlow Moor Road, Didsbury Manchester.

*You can currently order by Deliveroo and JustEat.




Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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