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8 beautiful coffee shops around the world

Looking for a place to have a coffee anywhere in the world? We bring you 8 beautiful coffee shops.

From Hong Kong to New York, take note of these ten addresses of beautiful coffee shops that have a spectacular and unique architectural design.


Shortlist: Beautiful Coffee Shops from the world


1. Third Wave (Torquay, Australia)

Enjoy Genovese coffee and a selection of delicious hot and cold food and drinks, ice cream and sweets while taking in the best views of the Surf Coast.


2. Don Café House (Pristina, Kosovo)

Serving coffee of all kinds and its own Don Café brand, this café has a spectacular wooden design conceived by the AA13 studio.



3. R Art of Coffee (Nagakute, Japón) -closed-

R Art of Coffee is a minimalist coffee shop located in Aichi, Japan, designed by iks design. The firm outfitted the space with brass and copper details, including the copper-clad coffee bar. The roaster is placed on a platform and surrounded by seating, allowing customers to watch the roasting process.

Photo: R ART of Coffee / iks design


4. Anh Coffee Roastery (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

Specialty coffee. Italian coffee. Vietnamese coffee. Pastry shop. Lunch. Meals. Designed by Red5Studio. The architectural firm took advantage of the abundance of space to create a multi-level amusement park with plenty of communal seating.

Taking inspiration from the surrounding reddish basalt earth, the architects designed a monochromatic space that is both pleasing to the eye and eye-catching.

Photo: ArchDaily


5. Tatte Bakery (Washington D.C.)

Welcome to Tatte West End, their first cafe in Washington, D.C.! Beautiful coffee and wonderful pastries … furniture, and lamps from around the world to bring a sense of authentic culture and worldliness to your stores.


6. Bolt Coffee (Providence, Rhode Island)

The ASH design team took an eccentric approach to Bolt Coffee’s first stand-alone location, incorporating a good mix of custom-designed pieces and antiques sourced from around the world.


7. Neo Coffee Bar (Toronto)

On a mission to make Neo Coffee Bar the neighborhood’s regular hangout, local architecture firm Dialogue 38, Inc. infused the Toronto location with that classic, modern look: curvilinear concrete walls, abundant wood accents and modern furnishings all nestled into a minimalist space.


8. Takarkad (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

The warm interiors, made even more attractive by hanging paper lanterns, offer visitors a feast for the eyes.



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