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Welcome to the Cognac Bartender Contest UK – Subscription Form.

You can submit your participation to the contest through this form. The #CognacBartenderContestUK will take place in the United Kingdom starting Monday March XX! After you have filled this form you can submit your video(s) via Instagram DM starting March XX.

Make sure you have read the rules on our website.

Must be 21 years or older to participate.
*If you are a bartender based in the UK but due to the current situation regarding Covid-19 you are abroad and temporarily unable to return to the United Kingdom, but can prove that you work for a bar based in the UK, you are allowed to participate in the Cognac Bartender Contest UK. Please indicate both countries if the situation applies.
Select multiple choices ONLY if you intend to participate with different cocktails. You can submit one or more cocktail video tutorials per week, cocktails need to be different in order to qualify each week. Remember, if any of the cocktail tutorial you send for weeks 1-6 is/are validated, the selected video(s) are retained for the finals stage, but you are free to submit new videos for the finals too.
If your cocktail is ready for the competition, add the written recipe of the cocktail with all the ingredients and mention the category of the cognac used (VS, V.S.O.P, X.O), without mentioning the brand of the cognac or of any other ingredient.
Competition open to over 21s only.

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