With the BNIC we are developing Bartender Contests in France and Great Britain

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Spirits Hunters and the Cognac appellation announce the launch of a 100% digital bartenders competition on 12 November in France and in early 2021 in Great Britain.

Partnering with the BNIC, this contest invites bartenders in France to participate by sharing a video tutorial on Instagram creating a cocktail using Cognac. The contest is 100% digital and will be published on the BNIC @cognac_official and Spirits Hunters’ @spiritshunters_mag. social media.

The contest rewards two winners every week for four weeks (until December 18th) and ultimately reward a Big Winner. Cognac Producers offer an invitation to the big winner once the lockdown ends and receive a grand prize of €1,000 from Spirits Hunters.

Our bar industry is going through a difficult period during the confinement due to the Covid-19 coronavirus. This contest is to support our bartenders who are always there for us. They always support us with a smile, a kind word, and of course a cocktail that makes us happy!

The competition will take place first in France and will start on Thursday, November 12th. At the beginning of 2021 the competition will take place in Great Britain.

Spirits Hunters will award the top 2 cocktail tutorial videos weekly for four weeks via Instagram. The participants will each receive a prize of one hundred euros (€100.00) and will be published on our media. The Big Winner of the COGNAC BARTENDER CONTEST will receive a prize of one thousand euros (€1,000.00) and a 2-day stay in Cognac on behalf of the BNIC.

Are you a bartender living and working in France? Read the rules here to apply to the Cognac Bartender Contest!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.



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