Father’s Day is coming up! The best gins to give to a gin enthusiast

Soon it’s Father’s Day. If your father is a gin enthusiast, here’s a selection to give away. Check out our guide.

Gin allows us to create a variety of cocktails to suit any season. Martini, Gin & Tonic, Negroni… and the list goes on. But to make a good cocktail we need a good spirit base. Forget about the well-known brands, which however good they may be, there is a range of handcrafted gins to discover.


3 craft gins to offer



A handcrafted gin produced in Barcelona represents the top of the Spanish gin, so admired in Spain where they love gin tonics. GINRAW is a gastronomic gin created by a chef, a mixologist and a sommelier, together with a master perfumer. It uses the latest low temperature distillation techniques and brings together the best ingredients fresh lemons from Murcia, fresh citron from Levante, lime leaves from Kaffir, from South East Asia, Spanish bay leaves, Egyptian coriander seeds, and black smoked cardamom from India.

It allows you to discover all its nuances by taking it alone or with ice or in a G&T where it enhances its freshness or as a base for the most creative cocktails.




Known for his excellent whisky, Suntory also decided to embark on the adventure of producing gin starting with Roku Gin. Japanese gin contains 6 botanicals. Sakura flower, yuzu shell and sansho pepper give Roku its unique flavour profile. In addition, a touch of green tea and bitterness, for good standing out from other gins.




This French gin is produced by the famous Ferrand Cognac House. When they do not use their stills for the cognac that is only distilled between September and April, they use it to distill this gin with juniper berries grown in the Ferrand Chateau de Bonbonnet in Cognac. Its spirit base is distilled from French wheat. Its herbs range from fennel to star anise, nutmeg, cinnamon and orange and lemon peel. Citadelle is distilled with a unique distillation process that maximizes flavors. The result is a peppery, herbal gin that is perfect for gin tonics.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.