The incredible design and history of the Shivering Mountain gin bottle

The concept of the gin bottle was developed by the London design agency, The Allotment. Discover it.

The new Shivering Mountain Gin is from the distillery of the same name located in London’s Peak District. For its gin, The Allotment agency developed a story with the elements that characterize it. These elements include the geology and abundance of the Peak District and the entrepreneurial spirit of the distillery’s team.

In the brand we find the combination of words Geneva + Geology = ginology. In addition the brand name comes from Mam Tor, the peak overlooking the Hope Valley where the distillery is located.

The entire brand is influenced by the term ginology creating a rich history of the geological forces, climate and elements that make up the territory around the distillery.

The visual work was supported by Ben de Graphik Boutique (3D design and modelling), Evil Donkey (web coding) and Impress (printing).

A website with sales will be launched in the autumn. You can visit Shivering Mountain’s temporary website here.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.