Laurie Matheson: discovery of Frapin Château de Fontpinot’s Cognac

I chose to present this lovely bottle of cognac Frapin Château de Fontpinot, Grande Fine Champagne Authentique de Fontpinot, born in the 1920’s. One of the 22 prestigious Cognacs that will be auctioned on September 20th for charity by Artcurial for the 2018 edition of La Part des Anges organized in Cognac.

Located at the heart of what is considered one of the best viticultural areas of the region, Château de Fontpinot, has been the historical Frapin family estate since the 13th century and counts the illustrious François Rabelais, French Renaissance author amongst its ancestors.

This rare Cognac is a blend of spirits exclusively distilled from grapes grown in the vineyards surrounding the estate in Segonzac and is labeled with the name of the château for that reason.

This bottle will be put for sale at € 2.300, an experience will also be offered to the purchaser of this lot who will be invited for an exclusive dinner-tasting and stay a night at the château.

Laurie Matheson: discovery of Frapin Château de Fontpinot's Cognac

Laurie Matheson

Expert in Wines and Spirits, specialized in auctions, with Artcurial in Paris. Also a consultant for the valuations of cellars for insurance as well as for marketing and commercial projects. Member of the RVF tasting committee, she writes articles and has co-written 4 books on wine.


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