Laurie Matheson presents Calvados Roger Groult 1968

How about a taste of this 1968 Calvados Roger Groult? Produced in Normandy where soft pastures and orchards cover the landscape.

This vintage spirit was aged a minimum of 3 years before being bottled, it comes from the distillation of apples grown exclusively in the orchards of the Roger Groult family at Clos de la Hurvanière, where they have been producing cider and calvados since the 19th century in Saint-Cyr du Ronceray. I love the label, as it shows an ancient map of the Pays d’Auge area in Normandy.

This producer uses up to 30 different varieties of cider apples, which are sorted and washed before mashing prior to distillation. Each variety has its character: some give bitterness, body, or softness. One of them is named Moulin à Vent that translates as “windmill”. It is bittersweet and counts for 70% of the production and the blend.

Calvados is one of these spirits that can perfume a room with its warm and fruity scent, a drink for a read by the fire in winter…


Expert in Wines and Spirits, specialized in auctions, with Artcurial in Paris. Laurie Matheson is also a consultant for the valuations of cellars for insurance as well as for marketing and commercial projects. Member of the RVF tasting committee, she writes articles and has co-written 4 books on wine.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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