Laurie Matheson Vieil Armagnac 1920

Laurie Matheson. Vieil Armagnac 1920

I have chosen to show 1 magnum of Vieil Armagnac 1920 from the R.P.Cordeliers de l’Abbaye de Vic d’Armagnac.

This venerable armagnac comes from the distillation of grapes cultivated by the Reverend Fathers of the Abbaye de Vic in the Gers. There is an incredible historical dimension. Without going back into the complex history of the Abbeys at the end of the 19th century, the bottle already gives a large number of hints thanks to its label.

The magnificent Basque bottle bears the mention “only dealers: Gélas & Cie – Vic Fezensac (Gers). Gelas is a renowned trading house that is still in business. It has been renowned since the 19th century for its selection and production of very fine quality eaux de vie from the best producers and terroirs of the designation.

I love this blue glass bottle, its color makes me dream. Its glass is of a lower iron oxide composition than the contemporary dark green glasses that we are used to seeing. The label is beautifully wrapped, with very refined lettering and graphics, in black enhanced with yellow on high quality paper. The indication “Armagnac Grand Cru” on the capsule shows the importance given to the smallest detail, already at that time, to inform the consumer. And finally, the beautiful amber colour of the eaux de vie leads me to imagine a beautiful taste experience nimbed with sensuality.

This magnum will be presented on June 30th in an auction at Artcurial during the first edition of the Liquid Gold Exhibition dedicated to prestigious spirits. The estimate is 1.000/1.500€.


Expert in Wines and Spirits, specialized in auctions, with Artcurial in Paris. Also a consultant for the valuations of cellars for insurance as well as for marketing and commercial projects. Member of the RVF tasting committee, she writes articles and has co-written 4 books on wine.


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